Vision for Growing Baldock

Sustainability is at the heart of the vision for Growing Baldock. U&C, Herts County Council and North Herts Council are finalising the vision.

Conceptual map of Baldock representing the overview of the plan

The site and its context

Baldock site and context
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Local Plan allocation sites

What we have done so far

Since the last consultation, we have been working hard on the stages that lead up to the draft Strategic Masterplan that we are sharing today:

Baseline Report

Pulling together all the evidence about Baldock and the sites from our investigations and from the last public consultation.


Stakeholder and
Community Engagement

Ongoing meetings and events with local stakeholders and the community on topics such as open space and green areas, growing a community and access and movement.
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Options Report

To test several parts of the masterplan, such as where the secondary school and crossings over the railway might be best located, and how archaeology might influence the masterplan, resulting in a preferred option masterplan.
masterplan timeline


The new development will deliver:

homes icon

Around 3000 new homes

Employment icon

Around 17ha of employment land

Community icon

Community facilities, shops and services

Schools icon

Primary and secondary schools

Greenspaces icon

New parkland green spaces & play areas

transport icon

Public transport and new cycle and walking connections, alongside investment in local road infrastructure

01: Landscape-led approach

Map showing connected landscape areas

To adopt a landscape-led approach to planning and design with a minimum of 40% dedicated to green spaces. The natural features and their connections with the wider landscape will guide the future plans for green and blue infrastructure ahead of designing in the homes and other buildings.

02: Connected & accessible green spaces


To deliver a network of connected and accessible green spaces for a range of uses, including space for sports and leisure, havens for wildlife and biodiversity, sustainable surface water drainage, climate change adaptation and mitigation, encouraging active travel, improved air quality and reduced noise pollution, food-growing and community engagement.

03: Conserve & enhance historic environment

Conceptual map showing areas of historic interest

To conserve and enhance the historic environment and heritage assets on site including using areas of archaeological interest to inform the location, character, function and design of green spaces and designing heritage trails increasing public understanding of the history of the site through community involvement.

04: Walking & cycling prioritised

Sustainable and active travel map

To ensure walking and cycling will be the first choice of transport by most people for most trips, minimising carbon, polluting nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions.

05: Town centre adaptation

Conceptual map of the town centre, with a heart icon in the middle and arrows suggesting movement towards the centre

To adapt the town centre towards a more people-centred experience, encouraging people to walk, cycle and spend more time there.

06: Walking & cycling network to key destinations

Sustainable and active travel map

To create safe, direct and clear networks of walking and cycling routes to key destinations within and beyond the development sites, including addressing the challenges of the separation caused by the railway line and supporting areas of the town with a poor pedestrian and cycling environment.

07: Supporting town centre vitality


To support the vitality and viability of Baldock town centre by bringing forward complementary facilities and services within the development sites and strengthening walking and cycling connections between the development sites and the town centre to increase footfall and visitor spend and dwell time.

08: Community hubs

Sustainable and active travel map

To provide education, nursery, health and community facilities on the development in co-located community hubs that complement existing facilities in the town. These will support integration and inclusivity across all ages and abilities and new and existing residents.

09: Opportunities for local employment

Sustainable and active travel map

To provide new quality and accessible business space providing the opportunity for local businesses to stay in the area, grow their workforce and invest as well as attracting new opportunities.

10: Delivery of much-needed homes

Sustainable and active travel map

To enable the delivery of around 3,000 homes that are well designed in terms of local character, identity and sustainability, to meet the needs of the current and future generations.

11: Efficient uses of natural resources

Sustainable and active travel map

To ensure the effi cient use of natural resources including the optimal use of land and buildings, the use of materials from sustainable sources and sustainable construction methods to minimise embodied carbon usage.

12: Education

Sustainable and active travel map

To ensure Knights Templar remains the only secondary school in Baldock, either expanded where it is, or relocated to the new site. To work with the existing primary school and early years capacity in Baldock, before building any new schools.

New homes next to green space with a path running through it
Community building by a lake
Women wheeling pushchairs through a park on a sunny day
People eating in a restaurant

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